EcoJustice Radio – Waste Colonization and Plastic Pollution – Episode 19


How do we confront the swirling gyres of plastic pollution dumped into our oceans? In this show, we examine the social and environmental implications of wasted resources, and follow two interrelated approaches to solving the problem from an indigenous woman doing exemplary work in New Zealand and an LA-based plastics pollution fighter.

STORY: Waste Colonization, Plastic Pollution and the Pacific Gyre

Our guests include Tina Ngata, a Ngati Porou wahine and mother of two from The Non-Plastic Maori, and Marcus Eriksen, co-founder of the 5 Gyres Institute and author of ‘Junk Raft: An Ocean Voyage and a Rising Tide of Activism to Fight Plastic Pollution.’ Interview moderated by Jessica Aldridge, from Adventures in Waste and SoCal 350 co-founder.

Engineered by JP Morris
Produced by Mark Morris

This originally aired August 22, 2018 on KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles.


Waste Colonization, Plastic Pollution and the Pacific Gyre

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