Seraphim Aqueous – Photography Series


My name is Jessica Aldridge; I am an artist, educator, and environmentalist living in Los Angeles. My creativity and work are both based in nature. I strive to express the uniqueness, amplify the voice, and protect the beauty of the world around us. If something happens to stimulate a reaction in me, I want to evoke the same or greater in others. The gift of a captured image is continual engagement long after the moment, a persistent reminder that we are never alone and our duty to the earth is never over.

The series, Seraphim Aqueous, is a result of my first venture into the open Pacific and its ethereal world of aquatic life. To have captured these mystical creatures of the sea as they flew about their heavenly abyss was truly a blessing.

I am currently a professor of Recycling and Resource Management at Santa Monica College, a director of an environmental nonprofit, and an unrelenting advocate for conscious consumerism. My guilty pleasure: taking pictures of trash cans.

Seraphim Aqueous was taken with a Powershot Canon S51S. These images had minimal editing; only midtones and brightness were adjusted. The sometimes ethereal-like effects were a result of the water, reflection, and light.

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