Jack Eidt’s ‘The Blue Basement’ on Luna Review


An excerpt of Jack Eidt’s recent novel Nowhere Beckons was published in the Luna Review. Called ‘The Blue Basement’, it narrates the protagonist T.’s visionary descent into the urban underworld, where ideas, light, and color blend, and surviving on the journey to the end of the night is everything.

Jack Eidt, The Cat Club, San FranciscoThe Blue Basement

Fiction by Jack Eidt, Published by Luna Review, Edited by Max Devoe Talley

Voices, a hundred and three whispers broadcasted into his head from a celestial radio transmission, spoke up through the chatting, smoking, drinking, dancing. The lights hypnotically spun like a blue-popping chain, flicker, speed and move – you can’t follow them. The people impelled to the light and sound, blending into the experiential. He listened to the voices…

“Nirvana signifies extinction,” a tall man said to no one in particular, sitting on the corner ledge, seeming mesmerized by the popping lights. “It’s like a lamp extinguished through lack of fuel, the flame of passion is exhausted, with no more chance for rebirth…into nothing.”

“You are friends with William?” T. turned and it was a woman, two, in fact. The first wore a pelt of an ocelot, fake, her hair silver, like straw, a wig. Her eyes were sunken, complexion sallow, but her outfit suggested an assumed radiance. He knew her from William’s cadre of scene-enthusiasts, and remembered the curious fate of her ex-boyfriend, an artist named Rafa, who died of something no one could explain. Maybe an ocelot attack?

“Yes,” he answered, looking through her toward the crowd.

Read the entire excerpt and a Max Talley interview with Jack Eidt at Luna Review

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About Jack Eidt

Novelist, urban theorist, and environmental journalist, Jack Eidt careens down human-nature's all consuming one-way highway to its inevitable conclusion -- Wilder Utopia. He co-founded Wild Heritage Planners, based out of Los Angeles, California. He can be reached at jack (dot) eidt (at) wilderutopia (dot) com. Follow him on Twitter @WilderUtopia and @JackEidt