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WilderUtopia lists Events of the Wild happening that encourage professionals, private citizens, and government leaders to engage with their communities and ecosystems, honoring creative expression and free speech. Scroll down for a list of Southern California climate, environmental, and art events.

Here are events from around Southern California from our ally SoCal 350 Climate Action.

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Greenbuild 2016 International Conference and Expo — Los Angeles Convention Center

October 5 to 7

Greenbuild 2016

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School of the Americas Watch — Convergence at the US/Mexico Border — Nogales, AZ

Oct 7 to 10

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National Shared Transportation Mobility Summit — Chicago, IL

Oct 17 to 19

Anaheim Rapid Connection

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Smart Cities: Building Better Cities in the Digital Age — Harvard University Graduate School of Design — Cambridge, MA

Oct 25 to 26

Smart Cities

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Novelist, urban theorist and designer, and environmental journalist, Jack Eidt careens down human-nature's all consuming one-way highway to its inevitable conclusion -- Wilder Utopia. He co-founded Wild Heritage Partners, based out of Los Angeles, California. He can be reached at jack (dot) eidt (at) wilderutopia (dot) com. Follow him on Twitter @WilderUtopia and @JackEidt