LA Screening: “Tipping Point – The End of Oil” – Dec 6th


By Jerry CollamerEvent: Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Special Screening & Discussion on Canadian Tar Sands Oil and Healing Our Impact (By Breaking the Fuel Addiction)

Please join WilderUtopia and Burbank Green Alliance in welcoming Canadian First Nations actress and activist Tantoo Cardinal and Rae Breaux from Tar Sands Action at a special Los Angeles area screening and discussion of Tipping Point – The End of Oil on December 6, 2011 in Pasadena.


  • Screening of Tipping Point – The End of Oil narrated by Sigourney Weaver
  • Discussion and Q/A with Special Guests (flying in for the evening  – see bios below)
  • Learn and Get Answers about the largest industrial project in human history, what we can do to help heal its destructive impact, and what are options for an alternative energy economy.
  • Visit with booths dedicated to building sustainable communities
  • Enjoy Treats and Drinks – Help us achieve Zero Waste, bring your own drinking apparatus

(scroll down for bios)

  • Tantoo Cardinal
    First Nations Actress and International Activist
    Topic: “The Impact on Indigenous Culture & Our Mother Earth Connection”
  • Rae Breaux
    National Organizer of Tar Sands Action
    Topic: “Nonviolent Resistance & Future of Keystone XL Pipeline”
  • Jack Eidt – Panel Moderator
    Editor, Wilder Utopia


Date ::  Tuesday, December 6th
Doors Open/Booths ::  7:00pm
Screening/ Q&A::  7:30-10:30pm
Suggested Donation ::  $10 to $15  (No-one turned away for lack of funds)

Reserve Your Seat Today
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**Please note, donations will be managed by “Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs”

Or RSVP :: email: [email protected] (including names of guests)

Location :: All Saints Church (in the Forum)
Address :: 132 North Euclid Avenue Pasadena, CA 91101
Parking :: FREE – All Saints lot (North side of church) or Plaza Las Fuentes/Westin Hotel bottom level (Union and Los Robles.) We will validate for Westin Hotel.
Take Metro:  We are .4 miles form the Memorial Park Gold Line Station
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Tipping Point Documentary
CBC/Clear Water Media Documentary, narrated by Sigourney Weaver and Directed by Niobe Thompson and Tom Radford



Canadian First Nations Actress and International Activist
Topic: The Impact on Indigenous Culture and Our Mother Earth Connection

“We are all protectors of the land and water. If you were to see with your own eyes the incredible destruction of our ecosystem, you’d understand that blind greed is destroying our land, water, and way of life.” Tantoo Cardinal on KPFK Sojouner Truth’s Earth Minute.

An accomplished and celebrated actress, Tantoo Cardinal has advanced Aboriginal performing arts throughout the world. Known for her authenticity, she has brought to life complex and diverse Aboriginal characters and has worked to dispel stereotypes. Her performances on stage and in both film and television have helped to blaze a trail in an industry where few roles for Aboriginal women previously existed. Her  80 plus credits include North of 60, Shattered, Legends of the Fall, Dances With Wolves, Black Robe, Loyalties, Education of Little Tree, Luna, Spirit of the Whale, Unnatural and Accidental, Sioux City, Silent Tongue, Smoke Signals and Mother’s and Daughter’s.

Tantoo Cardinal at Tar Sands Protest Ottawa

Acting and speaking are but a few of the ways she contributes to society, dedicating her life to ensuring Aboriginal people, their cultures and the historic and current issues impacting their communities are fairly represented throughout the arts. A founding member of the Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company, she serves as an inspirational role model to aspiring youth. Her performances in projects like the “Vagina Monologues” seek to raise awareness of the shocking level of violence against Aboriginal women in Canada and to support women who are struggling with the issue of violence.

Why I Joined the Tar Sands Action – Video by Steve Liptay

In 2010 Tantoo was inducted as a Member into the Order of Canada for her outstanding contributions. Other honors include a National Aboriginal Achievement award, the Harvard University Sunhill Award for excellence in Aboriginal film making and four honorary doctorates: University of Rochester, doctor of Fine Arts, University of St. Lawrence, Doctor of Arts; University of Calgary, Doctor of Laws; and, Fraser Valley University, Doctor of Letters.

Tantoo was born in the capital of tar sands open pit mining, Ft. McMurray, Alberta. She is active in speaking out against the destruction of the Boreal Forest and the impact on indigenous communities living downstream on the Athabasca River. She also has been a voice of conscience against the Keystone XL pipeline, proposed to cross the US, tapping the second largest pool of carbon in the world. In August 2011 she was arrested along with 60 others for violating a protest permit by sitting in front of the White House after being asked to leave. The action was part of an ongoing sit-in to pressure President Obama to deny the Keystone XL pipeline permit. She was also present for the first ever Hands-Around-The-White-House on November 6th, again to protest the pipeline.


National Organizer of Tar Sands Action
Topic: Nonviolent Resistance the Proposed Keystone XL Pipeline

Rae Breaux is a National Organizer for the Tar Sands Action.  Since early this summer she has worked with them to coordinate two mass mobilizations in Washington, DC and help manage distributed actions across the country to oppose the Keystone XL.  Rae also works with Rising Tide North America, an organizing collective dedicated to exposing false solutions to the climate crisis through direct action and public education. Rae began organizing in Los Angeles with campus based groups focused on civil disobedience against the war and environmental sustainability. She has expanded over the last decade to focus on environmental justice and corporate accountability through community organizing and mass mobilizations. She has also worked with Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network, and a number of local community based environmental justice groups across the country.


Panel Moderator
Editor, Wilder Utopia
Urban Planner/Co-Founder, Wild Heritage Planners

Here is a link to articles Jack has written or posted on the issue.




What is the World’s Largest Project in Human History?
Is This Game Over For the Climate?
What Can We Do to Start The Healing?

Join Burbank Green Alliance & Wilder Utopia for an evening to discuss and better understand the Alberta Tar Sands and Keystone XL Pipeline.

Come learn how the largest industrial project in human history, and potentially most destructive, is destroying the environment, harming indigenous societies, and setting the stage for an epic political battle.

Top NASA climatologist Dr. James Hansen warns that approval of the pipeline and continued tar sands exploitation will result in “game over” for the climate.

Los Angeles Consumption Demands Mining of the Alberta Oil Sands

Canada is the number one oil supplier to the US and produces the world’s dirtiest oil by mining the Athabascan Tar Sands of Alberta, Canada. An area of Boreal Forest (the size of Florida) is slated to be mined and stripped, negatively impacting land resources and indigenous communities, and producing bitumen-crude that will foul the global climate. Processing and use of tar sands oil produces 2-3x times more greenhouse gases per barrel than conventional oil and pollutes hundreds of millions of gallons of water from the Athabasca River. In the process toxic ponds are created so large they can be seen from space.  Other issues range from habitat loss, animal fish deformities and increased cancer rates in First Nations people living downstream…to name a few.

Tipping Point - Oil Sands Impacts to the Peoples of the Athabasca River

Over the next year, the U.S. is re-reviewing the environmental and economic effects of constructing a 1,700-mile tar sands oil pipeline (Keystone XL) that would stretch from Alberta across the States to the Gulf of Mexico in Texas. Existing tar sands oil pipelines have already caused 12 spills in the last year.

Our guest speakers have been active in the No Tar Sands and No Keystone XL Pipeline campaigns. Both have been to  DC to stand in solidarity in August 2011 and the recent Nov 6th Hands-Around-the-White-House.  They will be sharing their personal experiences and offering solutions.



SPONSORS: Tar Sands Action – Los Angeles, Sustainable World, EDEN, Sustain LA, and All Saints Church

COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Project Butterfly, Transition San Fernando Valley, Biodiesel Coop of Los Angeles, and  Transition To Green

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